The Meaning behind the "Paid In Full Project" Name

"The Paid in Full Project” name has a dual meaning.

  1. "Paid in Full" stands for being financially free of debt (credit card debt, car loan debt, student loan debt, etc.) and the sheer joy and peace that brings
  2. "Paid in Full" also stands for recognizing that through faith in Jesus Christ, having your sins paid in full brings an even more everlasting joy and peace to your life

The Paid in Full Project is called a “Project” because we (like all people) are just a work in progress, continually learning and growing in Christ and working out what it means to be in God’s will. We are “project” people that will always need improving and refining until the day we leave this earth.

The Meaning behind the "Paid In Full Project" Logo

The black lines in the center circle symbolize our sins and our debt.

The "Paid in Full" Stamp that covers the black center circle symbolizes that our debt have been covered by Jesus who has paid it in full.

The red color in the “Paid in Full” stamp symbolizes the blood of Christ that he shed for us on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins.